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Inotia™4: Assassin Of Berkel Android Hack

Manual Steps:

Open GameCIH (enable hidden mode)

Open Inotia 4,load your savegame

Goto Weapon Shop( Berkel Capital), talk to the man like a blacksmith,

Once the shop is open dont tap anything

Open GameCIH search name  (emda)

Edit The address with the value of 23(nrecordsize) to any number below of your chioce.

Then tap the Weapon Type(dagger/etc.) icon to open the (dagger/etc.) category 

Go back to GameCiH and Revert the edited address to its original value which is 23

And booo! Shop items are different from the original items they sell before

(Note:Good News, If you know this hack, its the same as Inotia 3 but the bad news is, it is very difficult to search good items because of many category and low chance of finding epic/rare equips. 3 hours of Searching I only find Rare Angurvadel with stats for level 3!!!!! swoosh???)

Cash Items (Codes)

*1 (dagger category)
- Infinty Bag

*9999 (dagger category)
- Hero Emblem

*12348 (crossbow category)
- Begginer Knight Set
- Soldier Abbot Set
- Berkelan Abbot Set
- Champion Abbot Set
- Champion Hunter Set
- Skill Reset Spell

*12349 (crossbow category)
- Berkelan Sorcerer Set
- Veteran Abbot Set

*12345 (crossow category)
- Begginer Bandit Set
- Elite Bandit Set
- Begginer Hunter Set
- Veteran Hunter Set

*12346 (crossbow cat.)
- Soldier Warrior Set
- Champion Bandit Set

*11111 (crossbow cat.)
- Hero Hunter Set

*11115 (crossbow cat.)
- Hero Warrior Set
- Hero Assasin Set

*11116 (crossbow cat.)
- Hero Knight Set

*12347 ( crossbow cat.)
- Bonteos Chaos Set
- Bonteos Epic Chaos Set

*9998 & 9997 (dagger cat.)
- Chaos Weapon Scroll (9997)
- Chaos Armor Scroll (9998)

Cheers! Very tiring for you.


{ Jadedanny } at: November 1, 2012 at 4:36 PM said...

Ive been looking through 100's of different values from 1110-1120 and 12340-12349 looking for the hero abbot set, but to no luck on my end anyone else know the value?

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