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Q2 2012: Global smartphone market by platform. Chart

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Q2 2012: Global smartphone market by platform. Chart.

Global smart phone market

All Androids with Samsung leading, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, Sony,HTC and many more took the global smartphone market share with 158,3 million shipments (68,1% share) in Q2 2012, that is a 46,9% increasement from before similar quarter of 2011, with 107,7 million shipments.

Despite iOS platform increased from 20,3 million to 26 million shipments a 28% increasement, it has just a 16,4% share.

BB down with a -32,1% has a 5,4% share, Symbian by Nokia down -64,6% has a 4,1% share.

Windows Phone shows signs of recovery from 1,3 million shipments to 5,1 millions , means a 277,3% increasement, but not enough yet.

And Bada a Samsung made OS with a 2,1 % share and just with 5,1%  increasement.

From Canalys:

On a global basis, Android continued to grow in significance, surpassing 100 million quarterly smart phone shipments for the first time and reaching two-thirds share of the market. ‘Growth in Android volumes of 110% far outpaced growth in the overall market of 47% year-on-year, heavily driven by Samsung, which saw Android volumes of over 45 million, contributed to by a full and broad portfolio of products, from its high-end flagship Galaxy S III down to its aggressively priced Galaxy Y and Galaxy Mini. Its sponsorship of the London Olympics and subsequent product placements are sure to attract new customers to ensure that Q3 delivers a strong performance,’ commented Pete Cunningham, Canalys Principal Analyst.
Samsung retained its gold medal position in the global smart phone market with a 31% share, followed by Apple and Nokia once again. Huawei and ZTE were unable to push in on the global top five with shipments of their own branded devices. HTC moved up to fourth place, though, just ahead of RIM, which shipped 8.5 million units in the calendar quarter.


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