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Will Apple give away a 30 pin dock connector converter to 19 pins or 8 pins accessory?

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Will Apple give away a 30 pin dock connector  converter to 19 pins or 8 pins accessory?

Some spare parts pictures and rumours are saying and showing different pins for the dock connector of the upcoming iPhone 5.  Tech sites  are reporting 19 pins , others 9 or 8 pins.

We want you to remember that every mobile manufacturer makes at least 3 prototypes until deciding which one will pick up as a final device.

Apple launched the New iPad in March 2012 and will update it when the year cycle ends.

We don`t think Apple is going to update  the current iPad  for the  September 12 event, with  a new dock connector when the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini  and maybe updates for the nanos and itouchs  will be announced, and maybe with a new pins dock connector size.

A smart move if Apple just give away a converter from a 30 pin dock connector to 19 , 9 or 8 pins accessory , what ever, for the New iPad to connect to the iPhone 5 or someone who manufactures these accessories make one.

However you can have all your iOS devices seamless connected and your information updated via Wi-Fi in real time. At least the most important. This feature is not exclusive for Apple devices, Androids also have it.

Bottom line, you don`t need a connector converter for your current New iPad , unless there are some features or applications you can`t sync/update seamless connected. The trend for anykind of updates is via OTA(Over the Air), as well.

We prefer to wait the event to take place.


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