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HUEBRIX Android Hack

With this "hack" you can have more hints, edit the time you have in any level, mark with a gold medal, and other things..

1) Go to data/data/com.noodlecake.huebrix/files with any explorer with a write permission
2) Edit the file .GNUstepDefaults.

-- Undo any hints used: (If you used any hints, you will not have any medal)

<key>hint_taken_0_1</key> (number of level - I didnt get the numeral system)
<string>YES</string> --> Just put NO

-- Reset your time

<real>96.02228</real>  --> Just put 0 (zero)

-- Gold medal

<integer>3</integer> --> Just put 0 (zero)

-- More hints

<integer>10</integer> --> Just put a value, like 99

There are some other options to edit.

Save and make a backup to save any errors... (Put the backup in other folder)


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