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Apple`s injuction hearing for banning Samsung phones in December.6.

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Apple`s injuction hearing for banning Samsung phones in December 6.

Apple's injunction request will be considered in December — after attorneys file detailed legal arguments.

A U.S. judge on Tuesday set a Dec. 6 court date to hear Apple's request for a permanent injunction against Samsung Electronics' smartphones, which could delay the potential impact of Apple's crushing legal victory.

“Having considered the scope of Apple’s preliminary injunction request, the additional posttrial motions that the parties have already filed and will file, and the substantial overlap between the analysis required for Apple’s preliminary injunction motion and the parties’ various other posttrial motions, the Court believes consolidation of the briefing and hearing on the post-trial motions is appropriate,” Koh said.

The December hearing date means that the injunction will likely having even less practical impact. The phones in the case are largely older models already, though the list does include several versions of the Galaxy S II, which is still being sold, as well as Verizon’s Droid Charge. 

The Sept. 20 hearing will be devoted instead to Samsung's request to dissolve a sales ban against its Galaxy Tab 10.1. The jury sided with Samsung on that part of the case.  

Sources: allthingsd and Reuters


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