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IFA2012: Samsung Press Conference Release.

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IFA2012: Samsung Press Conference Release. 
Samsung Electronics, local time, August 30th 11:00 a.m. 'goes beyond the limits Pushing Boundaries' press conference was held ahead of the opening of IFA 2012 exhibition held in Berlin, Germany .

Existing press conference and deploy differentiated emotional storytelling

President of Samsung CE responsible yunbugeun that began with the announcement of the press conference, as well as in Europe, including Germany, achieved daeseonghwang reporters 2,000 people around the world who attend the center one hour.
(Self Expression) of yourself to find and to pursue a truly new experience (Experience) and expand the possibilities and experience through innovative technologies (Revolution), connected devices and the world (Connection) that you want to have a common desire consumers have an  

Samsung smart devices to meet the needs of these consumers, content, blurred the boundaries between people, that reality to implement the desired service available anytime, anywhere.

In particular, this event serves fresh new stage technique maximizes the existing press conference could not be found in the emotional storytelling innovation of Samsung products if contained in the deployment of human beings and the product features and impresses.  

Samsung OLED TV, Smart TV with -type extra-large 75 premium TV market strengthened

Day press conference in the limelight as the next generation of TV, Samsung OLED TV , and a largeSamsung 75-type LED Smart TV ES900 zero in Europe, and the first public premium TV market strengthened.     

Fascinating to watch fireflies gather at the fade-to-black state that emits light appeared on the stage, Samsung OLED TV got a generous tribute to 'ultimate quality, detailed video, which is implemented in a dark screen. 

Futuristic design, featuring distinctive features, picture quality, as well as Samsung OLED TV beyond the existing premium TV 'TV' super-premium as the phase in the global TV market, Samsung Electronics will strengthen anticipated. 

September of this year, all of Europe will be sold in local ES9000 applying a maximum size of 75 luxury brands can be found in the type of Samsung's TV rose gold color're proud of the high quality design.demand has increased significantly in recent large Smart TV market in the new wind plan is the expected cause and strengthen the large Smart TV lineup.

This day press conference, made ​​last May to introduce the Samsung Smart Interaction feature viral videos and the protagonist of international fashion model Angela Bello (Angela Bellotte) appeared , Samsung'Smart Interaction' , 'smart dual-view' demonstration of the capabilities of state-of-the-art TV and has further heightened the atmosphere. 

Samsung Electronics Launched in 2012, the first model in the applied 'Smart Interaction' action / voice / face recognition, through seeing, hearing, and reaction to state-of-the-art smart features TV and sympathetic to provide a new user experience'd . rebirthHand gestures alone, and the freedom to manipulate the various functions of user convenience and enjoyment Samsung Smart TV's Angry Birds game at the same time offering.   

Own state-of-the-art features, Samsung OLED TV debuted in Korea last May, anticipation and curiosity of the world media spun 'Smart Dual View (Smart Dual View)', this day has been the leader in topical events.

'Smart dual view' images without discomfort can watch two different channels or video on one of the TV to stereo earphones with two people at the same time, the ability to watch 3D glasses can listen. OLED TV which aired at the same time as one two vivid screens provide a new user experience. 

In addition, Samsung Electronics expect this TV at the IFA press conference each year, the latest evolution of state-of-the-art features that will be maintained by the quality of the TV lift Smart Evolution Smart Evolution Fitness, 3D, and cultural content, such as customer's lifestyle even to change a variety of content, introduction, set in place, and once again confirm that the future leadership of the Samsung Smart TV.  

Galaxy Note II, Galaxy cameras, and the latest Windows 8-based smart devices, massive public

SamsungGalaxy Note II ' ,Galaxy camera and Windows 8-based'Oh Creative (ATIV)' has released the full lineup of the series.     
After being unveiled at last year's IFA, the world and sold more than 10 million Galaxy Note Ⅱ ' typesensation the Galaxy Note sequel 5.5 (140.9mm) HD Super AMOLED Plus' display and S Pen specialized functions , Google latest Android platform 4.1 (Jelly Bean) , 1.6GHz quad-core application processors with the best smart phone environment.

Particularly close, the S Pen on the display do not touch face-to-face content, such as a calendar, e-mail, which you can preview feature air views Air View the specific features of the new S Pen has mounted a massive Ⅱ through a vision to present anywhere, anytime easily capture and express ideas in new smartphone experiences Galaxy Note said.

Announce the opening of the era of visual communication ', a new concept mobile devices 'Galaxy cameras' professional-quality photos easy by shooting, by editing wide screen immediately to help you to be able to share a new concept of smart mobile devices.

Long optical 21 times high magnification zoom lens and 16-megapixel BSI (Back Side Illumination) CMOS image sensor , equipped with the latest Android platform 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and3G/4G communications capabilities, smart phones, the level of communication and scalability features,wide-angle would be difficult to implement as a regular mobile phone camera, 23mm lens, wide-angle and perspective representation. In addition, 4.8 sharper pictures than the large HD screen (121.2mm) to enjoy.

Samsung Electronics announced a new brand of equipment ATIV Windows OS-based smart convertible PC • Windows 8 based tablet • smart phone lineup unveiled the  'ATIV the Latin word meaning 'VITA' lives are listed in reverse order contains its meaning to be more mobile life easier and more convenient, intuitive experience that provides a variety of smart devices through the lineup.

Time disclosed 'ATIV' lineup of Windows 8-based 11.6-inch convertible PC Creative Smart PC Pro andCreative Smart PC ' Oh Creative tab 10.1 Tablet Windows RT 4.8 Super AMOLED display powered smartphone 'Oh executive S' 4 kinds.

In particular, the 'Creative Smart PC Pro,' Oh Creative Smart PC ' simple tasks, such as support, touch screen display and keyboard and detachable, normally used as a laptop, surfing the web, watching videos and when to disconnect the keyboard support for the tablet form that can be used as aconvertible form factor (Convertible Form Factor) .

Introduce innovative products optimized to European consumers

• Samsung large capacity serves to strengthen the European market for consumer electronics, home of premium consumer products on the basis of eco-leadership is planning to further spur

Max Space Space Max technology to implement high-efficiency insulation and large 615L side-by-side refrigerator 400L BMF (Bottom Mounted Freezer, bottom freezer type) of Samsung Electronics, serves the needs of demanding European consumer, and I'm satisfied. 

About this time, 50L compact, high-capacity built-in oven and a compact efficient built-in dishwasher and kitchen space that you want to use the introduction of the 'Storm Wash' function needs of European consumers have been reflected.

Technology, the Samsung Eco Bubble 'drum-type washing machines, Jephthah foam penetrates deep into fabrics to dissolve detergent laundry start immediately at the same time to increase the setakryeok cloth by reducing damage to eco-friendly products, shortening the washing time to increase the energy-saving power.

In particular, Samsung Electronics Production Factory European Consumer Design Institute and by taking advantage of the local base, aggressive willingness to expand the nine weeks the market says European consumers to optimize marketing oriented.


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