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IFA2012: LG unveils two Premium IPS monitors,EA93, and EA83

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IFA2012: LG unveils two Premium IPS monitors,EA93, and EA83.

Press Release:

"Enjoy the wider, sharper!" innovative premium LG Electronics, the global market as IPS monitor target.

■ Premium IPS monitor two kinds, 'IFA 2012' first public Optimized 

■ EA93, multitasking and entertainment on 21:09 aspect ratio monitor.

■ EA83, ultra-high-resolution WQHD (2560 x 1440) Graphics / Photo Job Monitor 

Monitor with IPS (In-Plane Switching) Premium LG Electronics and innovative targeting global markets in the second half.

LG Electronics is coming next month, from 31 August to September 5  'IFA 2012' held in Berlin, Germany exhibition stand, multi-tasking and entertainment dedicated monitor EA83 EA93 Series, graphics professionals for a series of presents.

EA93 Series is optimal in general the same as a movie theater screen 21:09 aspect ratio (2560 x 1080 resolution) with multi-tasking and entertainment to enjoy.

Equipped, 29-inch all the elements of a multi-entertainment-only monitor bezel Cinema Screen' near-zero 'design to maximize the immersive IPS display and sharper image quality with excellent color expressiveness.

Up to 4 split screen, the screen is wider, multi-tasking, even if there is no discomfort. Simultaneous DVI (Dual Link), HDMI, Display Port (DisplayPort) to support a wide range of peripherals can be connected. For example, a notebook-PC, PC-AV devices such as a combination of two different devices can be connected simultaneously. Data transfers and charging is also possible to connect the smartphone and the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link).

Series of 27 teeth, EA83 optimized for professional graphics / video / photo work on ultra-high-resolution WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition, 2560 x 1440) class monitor. HD (High Definition WQHD resolution is 1280 x 720), four times the pixel resolution.

Adobe RGB 99%' accurate and rich color rendition (color correction) and external Calibrator through the eyes of Comfort . IPS technology provides. EA83 series in addition to ultra-high-resolution graphics / video / photo content experts to perfect.

Standard color space Adobe RGB color gamut wider than sRGB commonly used to monitor A wider color gamut, the more variety of color carry information to more accurately represent the colors you want.

EA83 and EA93 Series The series is scheduled to be released overseas in Korea in November, the end of the year.

"21:09 screen of the monitor, and professional Monitor provides a new level of multi-tasking and a richer user experience," said LG Electronics IT Business Unit Manager Jungjoon Lee, vice president of LG IPS monitor innovation and excellence "of a new concept that can inform will showcase the premium IPS monitor constantly, "he said.

* IPS (In-Plane Switching) monitor greatest strengths: 178 degree wide viewing angle, high color accuracy.Different viewing angles, unlike the General panel, even though there is little change in color.

Source: LG


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