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LG Electronics unveiled the Optimus G smartphone with 13 mpxls,4,7 inch ,2GB RAM

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Product Specifications <'Optimus G'>
- Model: LG-F180 
- Size: 131.9 * 68.9 * 8.45mm 
- Weight: 145g 
- Display: 4.7-inch True HD IPS + (1280 * 768) Display 
- 1.3-megapixel front camera

-13 Megapixels rear camera
-RAM : 2GB DDR2 
-CPU: 1.5GHz quad-core processor Qualcomm APQ 8064 
- Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 
- Battery capacity: 2,100 mAh

LG Electronics unveiled the Optimus G smartphone.

Beyond existing smartphones based on the world's highest level of product specifications differentiated user experience 'Optimus G'. A Sequential ambitious work to start next month in Korea's LG Electronics, this year will be released to the global market. Is supplied to both the domestic carrier, three.

LG Group mobilize competencies ambitious
The next strategy of LG Electronics, LG Chemical, LG Display, LG Innotek and LG Group affiliates the development stage has been working smartphone 'Optimus G' great expectations have been collected. 

LG Electronics, LG Display has developed 'True HD IPS +, LG Display and LG Innotek Co-developed cover glass, fully integrated touch technology (G2 Touch Hybrid)' method 'was applied. Was here to mobilize the highest capacity of 2,100 mAh high-capacity battery, LG Chemical, LG Innotek's 13 million-pixel camera modules such as LG Group affiliates.

Creative design.
Own strategy LTE smartphone 'Optimus G' in LG LG Electronics has maintained a distinctive design.

As a result, the creative design of the Optimus G 'to' Touch 'fully integrated glass cover technology reduces the thickness of the bezel and contributed greatly. The compact size of the incoming product in the hands slim design and comfortable grip thanks to the thin bezel, thinnest. Bezel and thickness, respectively, 3mm, 8mm Vs. 

Another visible effect of the boundaries of the screen to match the color of the screen when it is turned off, and the black color of the body disappears. Plus other makers did not show here luxurious crystal reflection method to the rear of the creative design was completed at Optimus G '.

Quality of life increase the innovative UX
'Optimus G' innovative user experience and improving the quality of life beyond the simple ease of use dimension.

Live Live Zooming Zoom Zoom (Zoom-in) or Zoom Out (Zoom-out) through the manipulation of the part you want while playing videos show a larger or smaller. Disappear before videos could not increase or decrease the sorrow away the fun of watching movies has been added.

'Dual Screen Dual (Dual Screen Dual Play)' Play TV and smartphone screen TV to send greatly looking Mirroring (Mirroring) is the basic different screen can show. Smartphone to see the slide notes put up a slide on the TV.

'Optimus Vu: (view)' debuted at the acclaimed 'Q memo (QMemo)' also was an upgrade. If you are sharing useful articles or web pages on the Internet with a note is added to the corresponding URL.

'Optimus G' is the domestic release of the smartphone and the highest resolution of 1,300-megapixel camera equipped with outstanding camera quality in low-light environments. 

'Voice recording' based camera tone of the moment within seconds ago shooting with a camera 'Time Machine' to capture the screen Chapter 5, "kimchi", "cheese", "Smile", including voice, a moving object can be taken without shaking 'smart shutter', such as the ability to enjoy easy and comfortable.

Innovative Display
'Optimus G' world's first 'fully integrated Touch (G2 Touch Hybrid)' method applies to the cover glass, touch greatly been improved. Graphical touches on the glass of the screen without feeling like the touch screen hands at the end seems in direct contact strengths.

Cover glass and touch sensor integrated 'cover-glass, fully integrated touch technology is applied much tougher thinner and external shocks in the form of a film, such as the existing touch sensor that needed air gap disappear. Screen surface reflections from the line while outdoors. Became sharper than Thickness of 1mm closer to design competitive thinning even further increased.

'Optimus improved brightness and power consumption aspects for the first time adopted the' True HD IPS + 'from' True HD IPS 'G' smartphones. 

 Qualcomm LTE-based world's first quad-core mount
'Optimus G' is the new Qualcomm LTE-based next-generation quad-core processors 'Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064)' The world's first mount. Snapdragon S4 Pro is equipped with a 1.5Ghz quad-core CPU than the existing quad-core to quad-core performance was improved by more than 40% is regarded as the next-generation quad-core.

The (aSMP, asynchronous Symmetric Multiprocessing SMP) technology for the low-power driven asynchronous processor Qualcomm's new adopted All cores operate independently, even if the increased power efficiency as a way to reduce the power consumption of the less loaded core.
Graphics processing speed three times faster than previous mobile graphics, video, web browsing, and games, navigation environment is superior.

Vice President of LG Electronics MC Director Park, Jong - Seok "ambitious" differentiated user experience and creative design based technology and innovation to mobilize the best capabilities of the LG Group affiliates have completed "a definite momentum in the smart phone business and global market leadership in securing electrical the opportunity to raise will be, "he said. 

Not saying yet the storage capacity of the device, but it looks it will go with a 16GB basis and sd card slot for additional storage.

Source: LG


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