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IFA2012: Samsung to launch the Transparent Display Screen in September.

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IFA2012: Samsung to launch the Transparent Display Screen in September.

The Samsung transparent display screen UD22B measures in at 21.6-inches, but unlike most current screens uses a square 1:1 aspect ratio rather than traditional 4:3 or widescreen 16:9. 

That, along with a mere 5.5mm gap between screens when lined up, means a display wall you can simply tile into place. 

Its comprising a 22-inch transparent display at the front of a cuboid case, with a built-in computer for video control and speakers for atmospheric sound. 

The  transparent screen is designed for advertising as well as creating huge multi-panel installations with minimal bezel gap. 

Samsung plans to launch NL22B's transparent panel an exhibit at the IFA 2012 Berlin August 30-September 5


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