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64 GB MicroSD Card for Your Android?

Nearly all Android devices with MicroSD card slots only officially support up to 32 GB cards. But many phones can actually support 64 GB cards. With flash memory prices having dropped and 64 GB Micro SD cards being readily available in the market, a 64 GB upgrade is starting to look like a viable option.

A Class 10 Sandisk 64 GB MicroSD card will set you back between Php4,200 to Php4,500. That comes out to  about Php70 to Php75 per GB. That is still more expensive, when you consider that a Class 10 32 GB MicroSD card will only cost you Php1,300 to Php2,000, which comes out to Php40 to Php65. The wider price range in 32 GB MicroSD card are because you have more low cost brand options.

Partial Compatibility list:

I do not have the resources to test 64 GB cards with a wide variety of Android devices, but hopefully with your feedback I can expand this list. So far these phones are compatible with 64 GB MicroSD cards:

  • HTC Desire HD (SandDisk Class 10)
  • HTC Sensation XE (SandDisk Class 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (SandDisk Class 10) 
  • Samsung Galaxy S III (SandDisk Class 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (SandDisk Class 10)

I will update this list as I get more user feedback.

SDCard Storage Tips:

Some people are obsessive about keeping their phone memory empty. The phones internal memory runs faster than MicroSD storage, so to get optimal performance, frequently used apps are best kept in the phone memory.

But high quality MicroSD cards. Lower cost MicroSD cards can result in poor performance or incompatibility issues.


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