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Afterfall : InSanity Extended Edition-SKIDROW

In 2011, the outbreak of World War III. Only a few managed to hide in the deep bunkers at military bases and to survive after a nuclear apocalypse. In 2035. Nearly twenty years, people eke out existence in underground shelters. When the fear of death blunted memories of past life deteriorated and became intolerable imprisonment. Infrequent increasingly suffer from bouts of claustrophobia, deep sleep into a nightmare ... The protagonist Afterfall: InSanity - 36-year-old Albert Tokai. It is part of a team of physicians, the main task - to maintain mental stability of the inhabitants of the bunker. Albert specializes in so-called syndrome of isolation, however, and he sometimes suffers from its symptoms. So when the hell opens up about the general insanity, he must find an answer to the question: what is behind all this? In an attempt to find out who is friend and who an enemy hero will not only confront the enemies, and fight their own fears and weaknesses.

• In the alternative world game Second World War ended quite differently than in raelnosti, and this has had an enormous impact on the future course of history.
• The psychological state of the protagonist is constantly changing depending on the game committed to actions and decisions.
• The level of adrenaline hero depends on the environment and current events. When Albert in tone, it becomes faster and stronger. But if he will long be in a critical situation, the player will lose control of your character. The hero can even take his own life, unable to withstand stress.
• The combat system allows the use of firearms in addition to more and melee weapons, including two-handed. Sensitive control system detects the slightest movement of the mini-joystick or mouse, so the attack is carried out exactly in the direction of a given player.
• Only overcome all obstacles and endure all the trials, the players learn the truth about what happened to the protagonist.
• In the bleak post-apocalyptic world, all events are interrelated, and the madness of its inhabitants - only part of the mystery Afterfall.
• A series of unexpected, intriguing and very mysterious events will keep players in suspense until the unpredictable ending.

Extended Edition:

• Improvement of ambient sounds and characters.
• More efficiency / better optimization.
• Improving the cutscenes (camera, sound, animation).
• Technical and gameplay improvements.
• More elements of psychosis (FearLock).
• Changes in the style of narration.
• The new dynamic battle system.
• New light / special effects.
• New variants of the AI
• New Balance Games.
• Improvement of facial expressions.
• New checkpoints.
• The new weapon.

System requirements:

  • Operating System Windows XP (SP 2) / Vista / 7;
  • Dual Core processor clocked at 2 GHz;
  • 2 GB (for XP) / 3 GB (for Vista / 7) of RAM;
  • Video card with 256 MB VRAM GeForce 8600GT, DirectX 9 compatible and supports Pixel Shader 3.0;
  • Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9;
  • 8 GB free hard disk space;
  • A device for reading DVD;
  • The keyboard and mouse.


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Play the game
5. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!



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