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Derby Dash 3D v1.5.1 Apk Android Games

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Perhaps you have ridden on a horse, but just on horseback and carried away by others; perhaps you have watched the horse racing on TV or onsite, but just a "bystander".

In fact, horse racing is not only to ride on horseback; this is a battle of strategy. In DerbyDash3D, put your strategy to good use, to be the winner. In this game, we are free to bring up our own horses, to meet the needs of different competitions. Sometimes we need a horse has the higher ability of sprint to get ahead in competitions. But sometimes we need a horse has the higher ability of explosive force to do well when it shoots out of the corral. A cute picture and an emotionally charged atmosphere are both in this game. The operation of the game is very simple and there are different kinds of levels and complex matches, you can also gain many props when you in the competition.
PS:You can get food on the race track. Every five minutes food will be regain 1 point,food will be filled within 3 hours.]

Features :

Build 3D scene, not only the traditional grass runway, sand, but also alien physiognomy such as Pandora star. There is elaborately painted beautiful scenery outside of the runway.

Traditional racing mode, ride on your beloved mount to be the winner.

Provide eight kinds of mounts, such as Mechanical dinosaur, Zombie Horse, and Unicorn. You can constantly strengthen mount through win the match.
Beside that, there are four properties for upgrade: speed, strength, endurance, recovery.
Bring up your own king mount.

The actual whip and growl of mounts let you be personally on the scene. Come on! Exciting games are waiting for your challenges, and kinds of props to choose in track. The success is next to the failure!

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