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Fish Live Android Hack

Name of Adress (if any): 

"l:", "m:", "o:"

Manual Steps:

For Newbies
1. start gameCIH and minimize
2. now start the game
3. (by default) there should be a small bar on the top left corner of your screen with some icons
[if you don't see the gameCIH bar please enable the shortcut button in the gameCIH app]
4. press the magnifying glass icon
5. choose the "input number" option
6. a small window will pop up asking you to input a number  <--- this is where you enter the current amount of gold/diamonds

1. input the amount of coins you have, press OK (if you can already see the "l:" address skip to step 5)
2. press "back" and buy something cheap
3. click the magnifying glass icon and choose "input number" again, enter the new amount of coins you currently have
4. repeat steps 2 and 3 until you see this address " l: ''
5. click on the address to get the pop up box with two buttons, "Related" and "OK"
6. choose the "Related" button, you will see a list of addresses
7. now look at the summary below to find the address for coins, cash and exp

" l: "   = coins
" m: " = cash
" o: " = total amount of exp

8. to change the values
  • for coins, choose the address "l:" and input a value corresponding to the amount of coins you want, press OK
  • for cash, choose the address "m:" and input a value corresponding to the amount of cash you want, press OK
  • for experience points, choose the address " o: " and input the value to 98500 to get level 50 (or any value of exp you want that corresponds to the level), press OK
9. Enjoy!! hope this is a more detailed explanation than before..


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