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Hotmail changing to Outlook, started.

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Hotmail changing to Outlook, started.

Microsoft launched its preview Outlook, a new messaging platform that will replace Hotmail. 

So far, Hotmail users can still access your account through hotmail.com site to complement the new service features. The U.S. firm still does not define the exact date of final change of the platform.

 This new service is being tested, but users who want to enjoy a rediscovery of Microsoft e-mail as they can. 

You must first access the site and enter your old Outlook.com Hotmail e-mail and password. If you want your e-mail @ hotmail becomes en@outlook.com must configure the portal, the service is not done automatically. Enter the options screen and change your mail. Change can be domain name. For example, if your mail was 2468@hotmail.com, 2468@outlook.com or convert it to a different user without any problems. When you are configuring the mail, select whether you want the old emails are directions to your inbox or a new folder (new directory). At this time your Outlook.com ready to use. 

Microsoft claims that  with this service, innovate navigation. One of the main advantages is the modern experience for browsers and mobile devices, since it has a fresh, clean interface which is intuitive to use, as it has no commercials or large boxes deployed occupying additional space. It also works across devices with Exchange ActiveSync. 

Another advantage is that is that Outlook.com eliminate clutter by showing 60% fewer pixels in the header and 30% more messages in the inbox. Connecting with friends and colleagues anywhere is another benefit of  highlighting Microsoft, since it is connected with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and soon with Skype.

 This service allows us to observe the pictures of friends, messages, status updates, chats and calls, all powered by a continuously updated list of contacts that also is connected to social networks. The new Outlook.com can be considered an intelligent and powerful because it automatically sorts all your email contacts, newsletters, updates package shipments and social network updates, and sweep can move or delete a couple of clicks. 

Additionally, the service includes free Office Web Apps-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SkyDrive. Microsoft stressed that all the basic features are included in Outlook.com as virtually unlimited storage and protection against spam.


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