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Mega Jump Android hack

Alright.. Famous iOS Game now on Android. It uses a payment system, which means you can buy ingame cash for real money. So let's hack that. ^^

Name of the game: Mega Jump
Hack: MP (ingame cash), Score, Stage & Allways Coin Boost

It's really easy so let's get started with the MP

Step1: Open GameCIH, Search for your MP value
Step2: Buy something
Step3: Search for new value, change the addresses 'mp' and 'displayMP' to the same value and DONE.

Well that was boring so let's make it more fun:

Step1: Start a game on any stage
Step2: Click pause and open GameCIH
Step3: Click Input Name and search for 'score'
Step4: Click on the 'score' address and click 'Related'
Step5: Now you can change the following:

score = Your score
multiplier = Score Multiplier count
currentStage = Your current stage ^^

Now change the value of 'coins' to 100 and lock it. Then resume the game and see what happened

You can also start a new 'Input Name' Search and look for 'saveStars'
It's the number of Save Life Stars you have.

Have fun with it..


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