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Appeared in the Android game "KOF" popular 2D fighting!
● How to play a single player game can be selected is five!
To challenge the challenge of a variety of conditions using the character "endless" compete, like whether the Ru Kachinuke many people in one "single battle" to fight, the character "Team Battle" fight, one-on-one in three versus three "Challenge provides a menu of five types of training "" combo can practice and operation of the virtual pad, ".
● full benefits, such as trading cards and illustrations!
Can be viewed in the gallery mode all the benefits you get in the game.
Benefits, such as movies and various Novell team story, beginning with trading card set Shiryoshu premium, paintings and rough character illustrations and illustrations made ​​in each draw down, the team appeared in "KOF Android" In addition, Great fan must-see content!
● strong lineup of veteran character who appeared!
In addition to our 19 fighters, beginning with former hero Kyo Kusanagi, K ', of Ash Crimson, Billy Khan fought even the familiar "Fatal Fury" new!

The King Of Fighters Apk

The King Of Fighters Data: part-1, part-2

Step-by-step how to install: 
1) Move the file. apk to your SD :/ 
2) Extract the date for Sd :/ android / data / 
3) Install Apk 
4) Start the game ... 
5) Enjoy! 


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