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Trends 2013: Products with flexible/unfold displays: small batteries with more power. Who will be the first to launch?

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Trends 2013: Products with flexible/unfold displays: small batteries with more power. Who will be the first to launch?

If you think you already bought the latest technology in this year 2012 and even in the remainder of the year, you are wrong, you will see more of what is now, in 2013, and with different technologies in their devices.

Products coming up in this 2012:

Although there are new products to emerge as the Microsoft Surface Tablet with this interesting keyboard 3m.m thick, the HP Slate Pro 8 with Windows 8, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, new Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8, iPhone 5 with wider screen and the iPad Mini, the new version of Amazon Kindle Fire, which will be interesting, is not anything new to emerge that would be in the queue of the manufacturing line of the big global brands such as HP, Samsung, Apple , Nokia, Microsoft.

While there are many other brands like Sony, HTC, LG, Asustek, Make, ZTE, Huawei and Archos making good products and some underarm will be announced, but will not make a significant impact in the remainder of this year 2012.

The Trend for 2013: Products with flexible/unfold displays . Small batteries more powerful.

Many tests have been made of the intelligent flexible sheet, with evidence  strength and resistance to hammering and without receiving a scratch, which are already on the way to being the new mobiles 2013, both smartphones and tablets and I daresay in smart TVs.

We will have then much thinner devices that actuals  and will and allow more easily incorporate other hard to these, giving new and more power in their batteries. Batteries most likely will also evolve to smaller, but more energy storage capacity.

Among the companies most likely to launch this new product line flexible and deployable are HP, Samsung, Sony and LG.

We believe that operating systems of each of these manufacturers are at a point of similarity, with minor differences. Such as HP webOS Open Source 1.0, Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, iOS6 Apple and Microsoft Windows Phone 8, and RIM Blackberry 10.

Multicore Processors for Mobile.

In-Stat, said that by 2013, nearly 88 percent of the processors sold in the segment of mobile phone market will be multi-core.

There is a recognition that the network behind the device also has to be fast.

  "We had to tell them what they could do with 4G, and that made it more real to people. So not only can you talk about speeds and feeds or fast processors, but what are the applications they use."

Ed Hansberry writes that we have not seen anything yet, as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are both working on multi-core processors for mobile phones. What I find most interesting in Ed's excellent article is that the reason for the shift to multi-core may be to prolong the battery life rather than increasing processing power. Multi-core chips have less circuits, making them more energy efficient, and the operating system can be optimized to convert one of the cores turned off when not needed.

Multitouch, Touchless, Voice Command and gestures.

With the new era of interacting with your device Samsung Smart TV and Kinect  Microsoft`s Xbox 360 are the pioneers in this field.

Increasingly use this technology without touching your mobile device with voice command and will be integrated with the new flexible/unfold displays of 2013.

Applications. -
Like everything now thanks to the Internet is revolutionizing applications Enyo HTLM 5 via any web browser, the race for who has more native applications chained to the primary operating system will be reduced.

The developer community to build applications must take faster processor speeds.

Concept made ​​by an independent designer and not of SONY, the screen phone opens, becoming a tablet, what is interesting is that he put a date May 19, 2013 on the device, giving us to understand their perception of the possibility that these mobiles  could be available for that date:

The Samsung Flexible displays for phones is real. Thw world was waiting for a launch these devices for 2012, but we think they left them for 2013.

Video  Samsung AMOLED Flexible Display:


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