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Virident FlashMax II 2.2TB shows up at Flash Memory Summit 2012.

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Virident FlashMax II  2.2TB shows up at Flash Memory Summit 2012.

This device is unreleased and holds 2.2 TB of raw NAND flash.

This is the Virident FlashMAX II, which is a PCIe SSD aimed for the datacenter. With read speeds of up to 2.7 GB/s and write speeds up to 1.6GB/s, these cards deliver monstrous performance. 1.5 Million IOPS of random read is simply astounding, especially considering the attention given to solid, sustainable performance over a long period of time. With MLC NAND, and a hefty bit of overprovisioning, Virident is looking to bring sustainable performance to their customers.

Unfortunately their primary competitors can suffer high levels of performance degradation after extended use. The Virident FlashMAX II is designed specifically to avoid these pitfalls, operating at full speed even after years of continuous load.

Taking a look at the card from the side we can observe that it consists of multiple PCBs and has power capacitors to flush the data to the NAND in the event of power loss.

One of the most interesting aspects of this product is the flash onboard. Getting to 2.2TB in a half-height card is difficult to say the least but when you are packing Intel 20nm, 64GB packaging with 8 die per chip the odds become much better. This is the first time we've seen 20nm in a 64GB package outside of IMFT telling us it exists.



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