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We take HP CEO Meg Whitman word again, webOS tablet in 2013.

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We take HP CEO Meg Whitman word again, webOS tablet in 2013.

HP`s GRAM with webOS and Enyo to provide software to the upcoming tablets of HP`s new MGBU.?

In September the final launch of HP`s webOS as a OpenSource (1.0) software will be announced. 

WebOS (before Palm) is now with Enyo  part of HP`s GRAM a new GBU inside HP like a new brand and software only company.

The New Mobile Global Business Unit announced today, will make amazing new mobile (hardware) products like consumer tablets.

GRAM will be a software supplier of the mobile hardware MGBU .

Why we think HP will launch a new webOS tablet in 2013. We take HP`s CEO Meg Whitman word again, quoting some the comnents she made for the tech media before and considering webOS open source is going to be great:

Meg Whitman, chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard Co., talks with Bloomberg's Aaron Ricadela about the company's plan to give away its WebOS operating system to outside developers and the outlook for HP's release of a new device running the software in 2013. Bill Veghte, who runs the company's software business, also speaks. 

In an phone interview made by  allthingsd in Dec 9, Meg Whitman said they will launch two Windows 8 tablets in 2012 and because the roadmap for 2012 is already done, will launch a webOS tablet in 2013 depending in how it goes, after making webOS an open source OS.

Whitman: I think we’ve got to walk before we run here. And let’s see what form webOS takes. In 2012 as you know we’re bringing two Windows 8 tablets to the market, we’re excited about that, we’re going to be working with them [Microsoft] constructively, but there may be an opportunity in 2013 to think of a different device, maybe come back to tablets. Let’s just see how it goes, but obviously HP would be one of the likely suspect hardware manufacturers for webOS.


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