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YOOtheme Joomla Templates 2012

Note: Adding material / answer questions / help in every way just on your own, multiplied by the possibilities. Should I again remind you that I owed ??nothing to anybody, even if really want to help the most? Do not be rude, and rude, practice shows that it is inefficient. The work done a lot - in the topic the most recent versions of all the templates for both versions of Joomla perhaps the most popular club yootheme.
Best thanks to: stay in the thread, and helping others.

License: Write biquiter a private message with the theme of "license".Q & A
What does membership in the club: Year of file access and support.
How legit: Enter your domain in the list yootheme. This can make such biquiter
Can you double-check the membership at the end of the existence of a domain on the list? It is impossible.
Is my site blocked from warez template: None. Such tools in the template yootheme not provided.
Can I have a problem with law enforcement agencies: The same as with the warez version of windows.

YOOtheme Downtown 1.0.8
YOOtheme Air 5.5.13
YOOtheme Expo 5.5.16
YOOtheme Revista 1.0.3

Download YOOtheme Joomla Templates (25.07.2012) | 1.13 GB


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