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Texting? You should know these 20 text abbreviations.

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Texting? You should know these 20 text abbreviations.

More people use text messaging to communicate then ever before. You can’t go anywhere (a bus, a restaurant, a meeting…anywhere) without seeing someone staring down at their phone frantically two-thumb typing away.

In order to save on typing out every single word, a new shorthand language has developed. There are single letters, number and symbols (b=be, 2=to, @=at). You can use by themselves, in combination with other letters (called logograms like, b4=before, 2day=today) or you can use pictograms ( :-)=smile, ;-)=wink, :-@=scream) to represent words.

There are thousands of these new text abbreviations being used and created every single day. Here are 20 to get you started:

^5 – High Five
YSK – You Should Know
YBS – You’ll Be Sorry
WOTAM  – Waste Of Time And Money
WOG – Wise Old Guy
TY - Thank You
TISC – This Is So Cool
TISL – This Is So Lame
TAW – Teachers Are Watching
RUNTS – Are You Nuts?
OTOH – On The Other Hand
I 1-D-R – I Wonder
FOMCL – Falling Off My Chair Laughing
DUNA – Don’t Use No Acronyms
COS – Change Of Subject
AYOR – At Your Own Risk
303 – Mom
143 – I love you
1432 – I Love You Too
*$ – Starbucks

Which of these do you think will make it into our everyday language?

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