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webOS Open 1.0 is Here and running on a HP Touchsmart PC. Video.

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webOS  Open 1.0 is Here and running on a HP TouchSmart PC. Video.

webOS architect Steve Winston demos open webOS 1.0 running on a HP TouchSmart PC.

Finally the webOS Open roadmap is accomplished with the release of the  1.0 Edition today.

Some enhancements will follow: Qt5 / WebKit2, Open sourced media and audio components, BlueZ Bluetooth stack,ConnMan network management and  Optimized SysMgr rendering architecture.

What is saying the webOS Open project team, right here below:

Open webOS 1.0 Edition.

Today is a great day for Open webOS. We have completed our initial roadmap and are releasing Open webOS 1.0 on schedule, as promised.

Our combined efforts with the community and hard work have paid off, and we are now ready to move on to the next phase together. With this release we have affirmed our commitment to meet our goals and create a vibrant open source community.

What 1.0 contains
We now have an OpenEmbedded build that allows a full webOS experience running inside an OE emulator. We have added core applications — email & browser — while continuing to support the desktop build environment.

The 1.0 release also brings support for Enyo2. You can now take apps built on one of the best cross-platform JavaScript frameworks and easily run these same apps on Open webOS or other platforms.
In the past 9 months, we have delivered over 75 Open webOS components. This totals over 450,000 lines of code. (Can I get a hell yeah!). The source code for Open webOS can be found in Open webOS repositories on GitHub.

What 1.0 means
Combining today’s components with those from the previous releases, Open webOS can now be ported to new devices. 

We expect to have more Open webOS port announcements in the future and will work with the community to deliver updates here.

The future
We will continue to innovate and develop for Open webOS over the coming months, including the following planned enhancements:

·         Qt5 / WebKit2
·         Open sourced media and audio components
·         BlueZ Bluetooth stack
·         ConnMan network management
·         Optimized SysMgr rendering architecture

Come join in the chatter on our mailing list and forums; your collaboration is encouraged.

Community activity
Last month’s Beta release delivered collaboration tools for community members. Today’s 1.0 release includes new forums, and our project infrastructure now includes an integrated login across the website, forums, and the JIRA bug tracker.

The 1.0 launch includes contributions by expert community members made after the beta release.  These contain bug fixes, resolution of dependencies, and substantive commentary which guided our decisions on code structure and other issues.  Across the repos, the bug tracker and the mailing lists community members are helping each other.

The webOS-Ports team also continues to enhance the user experience on LunaCE with their latest release which includes shortcuts, bug fixes and several user-facing feature additions such as gesture-based app switching and improved card stack management. 

Thank you
Today is a day to celebrate our engineers. Martin Risau, our SVP, said that he was, “proud that we did what we said we would do in January. This achievement gives us the credibility to execute our future plans.”

Together, with the open source community, we have achieved great results over the last few months. Both internal and external engineers have put a lot of time and effort into getting us to where we are today, and they deserve a lot of credit.

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation, echoed the importance of reaching this benchmark:
“By using the build framework for embedded Linux, the Yocto Project with OpenEmbedded-Core, Open webOS is poised to deliver an open source build environment that developers will thrive from. Open webOS continues to hit its milestones, and we expect the community around the project to continue to grow. All the right tools are in place.”

As we strive to make Open webOS an open platform of choice, we are excited to continue working with a great community whose members continue to amaze us with their innovation and creativity.

That’s all for now folks. See you on the Interweb and at community events.


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