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iPhone 5 pre-orders first batch took an hour to sold out.

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iPhone 5  pre-orders first batch took an hour to sold out

Apple’s website says “we’re currently unable to reach the carrier systems to process your order, but will reserve an iPhone for you.”

Pre-orders for the September 21 debut became available at 3:01 am ET Friday and sold out within an hour. In comparison, the iPhone 4S, which represented a smaller upgrade, took nearly a day to sell out.

People looking to snatch one up on launch day can still do so at Apple's retail stores at 8 a.m. local time. Historically, there have been long lines at these events, although Apple has worked to increase staff and inventory levels ahead of these releases in recent years. 

Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint, the three carriers that will support the new phone, all say on their websites that it is possible to pre-order for arrival on launch day on September 21. It is unclear, however, if those measures represent current inventory levels.

The new phone represents a substantial upgrade to the iPhone 4S. It is made completely of aluminum and glass, with a taller screen, faster processor, better camera and a host of other improvements. 


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