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My Railway Android Hack

This thread details how to cheat in My Railway by game insight. In order to do this you will need:

1. Opposable thumbs
2. Root access on your phone
3. A file explorer on your phone WITH root enabled (I use Root Browser Lite by Jrummy)
4. USB to connect your phone to your PC (technically not REQUIRED, but makes the editing much quicker & lessens potential for error)
NOTE: You will NOT need gameCIH to do this.

I tried over and over to modify game variables to no avail, and have come to the conclusion that the games programming does not allow outside memory editing programs to modify any in-game properties during operation.

Modifying cash & coin involves finding a file hidden within the confines of your phone, this file we seek is titled "com.gameinsight.myrailway.xml"

this file is located at


Use the file explorer to get to this folder, copy the file and paste it in your sdcard folder in the main directory. Go ahead and make a copy of the .xml for safety, in case something gets screwed up in the process of editing.

Connect your phone to your computer and run it as a USB storage. find the file, and open it with an xml editor (notepad works fine too). use the search function (ctrl + f) to locate the following items:

Silver coins by entering "money". You will have to browse through a few items before you come to it, you will notice your amount of current currency is directly next it within quotations.

Gold coins with "votes"

Experience with "experience"

Put whatever values you want within the quantity quotations, save the changes, and replace the modified file back into your shared_prefs folder.

enjoy. :)


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