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Samsung you should try webOS Open source with thousands of HP(Palm) patents.

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Samsung you should try webOS Open source with thousands of HP(Palm) patents.

At this time Apple wants Samsung against the wall, at least in the USA, and went this last Friday with all the caballeria (cavalry) asking the US Court in California to ban the most recent Samsung mobile devices Galaxy S III, Verizon Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 10.1.

Apple thinks they own all the features you can do with the multitouch way to perform any mobile in anyway.

But there are a lot of Palm Inc patents now owned by HP including webOS patents, that Samsung and all OEM`s should check them out.

Just go Google here make a search Palm Inc patents and you will see all the way thousands of them.

Besides, I think HP should make all the efforts to asure all OEM`s manufacturers worldwide that webOS opensource is others patents proof in order to avoid future lawsuits at all and before launching webOS Opensource 1.0 in September.

One of the Palm Inc patents (link below ) I like is related to unfolding mobiles and you Samsung have the flexible displays ready to be incorporated in new mobiles. I believe that is one of the Trends for the late 2012 and 2013. There is no flexible/unfoldable mobile officialy unveiled for any OEM`s at this time yet, only concepts.

In this month HP will launch the final version of webOS Open 1.0, now available in Beta.

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