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Sony Xperia X - An original concept


At one of the sites dedicated to the design and the new concepts, the designer Abel Verdezotto presented September 14 original concept for the new smartphone Sony Xperia X. The idea aroused attention and controversy, so we decided to share it with you and get your opinion. So, meet: high-end phones, the design of which was inspired by the tablet Sony Xperia S.

The design of the tablet itself is constantly repeated in detail in the latest tablets and smartphones. This time, the author tried to use it to the maximum.Rounded at the top and on the sides of the inside, the smartphone should go well in the hand. He has a stand that holds the device equally well in vertical or horizontal position, so you can comfortably watch videos - well, what else do the phone on the desk.

Features include new items 4.6-inch screen, connector mini-HDMI, a slot for SIM-card, back and front camera. Xperia logo placed front not only for beauty.He repeats in the normal state the color of the device (color, by the way, the five - and they are all pretty gentle and pleasant, at least in the photo) and works as a signal of the Notification, using different colors for different applications.

Designer: Abel Verdezoto


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