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ZTE to launch a webOS smartphone in Q4 2012

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This article was an interview to ZTE he Shiyou Executive VP, original made in chinese,so we use a translator and posted here as it came out, as we don`t know the chinese language:

ZTE he Shiyou: fourth quarter of the year to launch Web OS smartphones. September 18th,2012.
Google against manufacturers such as Acer aboard "aliyun OS" following the events of mobile, intelligent Terminal platform strategy begin to receive domestic manufacturers are concerned about.

Executive Vice President, ZTE he Shiyou, told Sohu IT yesterday in an interview revealed, ZTE has started Web-based OS system independent innovation, first Web OS phone is expected to be listed on overseas markets during the fourth quarter of this year, China has started cooperation with Telecom operators to communicate.

ZTE Web OS aimed at "a rainy day"
Currently, ZTE most Smartphone products mainly uses the Android platform. Prior to this, ZTE was launched in June this year the first WindowsPhone phone V965W and 10% of mobile phone sales this year are expected from a Windows Phone.
He Shiyou Sohu IT says ZTE has been operating systems adhere to the multi-platform strategy, in addition to those already launched Windows Phone 7.5 products, at the end of the year or early next year to launch Windows Phone 8 phones and tablets.
He Shiyou, occupied Android Smartphone system "half", the United States, Europe, as well as domestic carriers have been discussing this issue. All perspectives are not hope it will not be subject to a single operating system itself.

Web OS is an open source system itself, the main advantage is that regardless of the user's Android phone, or a Windows Phone, primary users can connect to the Internet, browser, you can no longer distinguish between platforms and applications. Such a model, future for carriers, service providers and handset makers, will bring more convenience.
He Shiyou stressed that ZTE is to emphasize more openness by the operating system, security, aimed at future guarantee that ZTE constantly launches intelligent mobile phone products, so the underlying software and chips are to "rainy day" and do related work.
Cottage manufacturers six months later to join the quad-core mobile phone wars
ZTE Mobile currently has a product layout from high to low, including Grand, Skate and the Blade of the three series. Yesterday, the ZTE released its WCDMA Grand Era Edition quad-core mobile phone, cost around 2000 Yuan, plans will be listed at the end of September or early October.

For smart phones, "quad-core wars" issue, said he Shiyou, quad-core mobile phone is still in the country or in one of the more advanced levels. Now Smartphone price war in China is mainly focused on the dual-core products, mainly market driven by the cottage. Cottage truly joined quad-core mobile "shopping war" he Shiyou: "estimates that there are about half a year of time difference".

Domestic high-end 4G dual-mode phone support FDD/TDD function.
In August this year, Sunrise launched its first 4G in Hong Kong, ZTE has said before, TD-LTE terminal will be introduced before the end of next year in scale.
4G differences for the domestic market and other markets issue he Shiyou Sohu IT says currently 4G will mainly include TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA and GSM phone mode, products of the future will also be considered in a subsequent module WCDMA.
From the perspective of foreign markets, because most foreign carriers using FDD mode, so in terms of high-end products joining the FDD supports roaming function or module, supports dual-mode features 4G.
ZTE WCDMA handset market strategy in the second half to adjust
Starting from the third quarter of last year, China overtook the United States as the world's largest smartphone market. At the same time, operators thousands of smart policies, Internet business into the mobile phone industry, and shanzhai "revival" effect, the domestic smartphone market is caught in a fierce price war.
He Shiyou said, judging from the first half of the year, ZTE WCDMA handset market faced great challenges in the country, mainly because an increasing number of mobile phone manufacturers, the stronghold strengthened the trend, but in TD-SDCMA and EVDO market is maintained relatively fast development.
Currently, ZTE is the world's fourth largest mobile phone manufacturers, v Chi master machine manufacturers. For domestic rivals press, he Shiyou, ZTE do not care about the gains and losses in a market with local, more still need to take into account the global market and the overall development of ZTE handset first half of the year in the United States, Europe and Japan markets accelerated significantly.
He Shiyou believes that "business is like running a marathon," ZTE has been adjusted in the WCDMA market in the second half, stressing that "healthy and sustainable positive development", many manufacturers to compete on the same stage as ebb, survive itself depends on the strength reflected at last.
 Following is the record of an interview with:
  The facilitator (Sohu IT art): dear all friends Hello, it gives me great pleasure today to Executive Vice President, ZTE he Shiyou, total Hi Ho!

  He Shiyou: Sohu, you and friends, everyone!

  Moderator: ZTE WCDMA version was just released Grand Era quad-core mobile phone, the product price is approximately how much? When it will be available for sale in the Chinese market?

  He Shiyou: Grand Era price around 2000 Yuan, a product must be a value for money very good. We hope that consumers will eventually recognized, to a lot of use instead of putting it into a superior product. Expected to be available for sale at the end of September beginning of October in the Chinese market.

  Moderator: remember the Blade V880 launch event, you told me that this phone does not make money. Quad-core mobile Grand Era sale at months of 2000, we earn money?

  He Shiyou: should say this phone is phone of ZTE's top products, first of all, the product must be making money if the company does not make money, products of the enterprise would not be necessary to do so. Businesses serving the people is what needs to be done, but serving the people cannot remain free.

  Moderator: communications exhibition begins in Barcelona, from February, global smart phone manufacturers started the "quad-core" mobile phone war. In the domestic market, international manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, domestic manufacturers such as ZTE, Huawei, HTC and millet's quad-core mobile phone price war has hit less than 2000. Your "multi core" mobile phone price wars do you think?

  He Shiyou: quad-core mobile phones in the country or are in a leading position.Domestic price war now mainly dual-core level, mainly due to the cottage market driven.Cottage currently quad-core solution is still relatively small, I estimate there are about half a year time lag.

  Moderator: Grand Era what hopes and expectations in sales?

  He Shiyou: TD has been pushed before the Grand Era format, today made a WCDMA version will also launch China Telecom EVDO version. Publish this product we want to face the world, hoped that the concept of mega product shipments.

ZTE's brand, of course with increased the strength of ZTE connection channels, e-channels with industry, and like GOME and suning, large chain stores such cooperation, we also do user experience online shop building. Experience the building of shops we also with suning, the construction of some large chain stores, while both through the online electronic channels of sales. We hope that consumers would be more convenient to purchase ZTE phones more convenient user experience shop products, buy feel what is before and after use, before deciding to buy.

  Moderator: Google last week stopped publishing aliyun Acer mobile phones, has also raised concerns about domestic smart phone manufacturers a multiplatform strategy. You think on this issue? Huawei has made began to back up their phone system, ZTE is there a plan?Will independent OS?

  He Shiyou: ZTE has been operating systems adhere to the multi-platform strategy, ZTE phones is currently based mainly on Android platform, while also launching a Windows Phone 7.5 mobile phones, expected late this year or early next year to launch Windows Phone 8 phones and tablets.

In addition, ZTE has started Web-based OS system independent innovation, goes on sale in overseas markets and operators during the year. ZTE has been supporting multiple operating systems, aliyun thing, of course, that there are other factors, we inconvenienced evaluation.

Overall, the future mobile Internet companies, including content providers and handset manufacturers, in the scramble for business applications, as well as ownership, we will further intensify the contradiction. Most important also to emphasize the combination of hardware and software, this is the most important. If only the software, not hardware, ultimately is difficult. Or if you have the hardware, no software, no. ZTE will in terms of hardware and software applications to do overall planning and consideration.

  Moderator: we know that HP bought Palm, launches a Web OS.

  He Shiyou: we all know that the original code was open, shared, but different manufacturers in this basis, then do the secondary development and application are not the same. Web OS, of course most important is system application based on different consumers, whether you use Android cell phone, or a Windows Phone, future applications will be Web-based mode of the OS will be shielding the operating system, including the operator. Please do not make the distinction between platform and application, many content providers, first developed Android version is Windows Phone formats. If you later after passing the Web OS development.

You do not need to be concerned about my back, Android is, or what other mode. Such a model, future for carriers, service providers and handset makers, will bring more convenience.

  Moderator: controversy between Google and aliyun one focus is "aliyun Android environment, frameworks, and tools", do we also encounter the same problem in the future?

  He Shiyou: Web OS itself is an open source operating system, globally, including the United States and European carriers, even our domestic carriers are also being explored. All perspectives are not hope it will not be subject to the operating system itself. Cell phone manufacturers do not want this, operator does not want this, content providers is also true, of course, that there is a process.

  Moderator: last week, I interviewed the Minister of miit Miao Weimiao, Miao said about TD-LTE a year licence. ZTE TD-LTE phone has been released in Hong Kong before, when did the earliest publication?

  He Shiyou: actually, we released a product in Hong Kong last month, ZTE TD-LTE at home has also been associated with the miit, China Mobile cooperation.

When can China listed 4G TD-LTE phone, depending on the 4G amount of licence issuance and 4G network construction in China. From the ZTE itself, our technology and product problem does not exist at present. Primarily a national time of licence issuance, construction of carrier networks, we will be the first time cooperation with China Mobile and other relevant departments, 4G services for Chinese consumers as soon as possible.

  Moderator: TD-LTE published in domestic phone will be compatible with FDD and WCDMA?

  He Shiyou: currently at home that block, 4G cell phone models will mainly include TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA and GSM. Except, of course, outside the block, China Mobile also supports the WCDMA standard in overseas markets. We will also take into account in a subsequent module WCDMA products.

From the perspective of the domestic market, because the network of China Mobile has a TD, so TD-SCDMA is certain to be supported. Course products also support roaming users roaming outside the overseas, in addition to other supporting WCDMA standard, also taking into account the support FDD mode. Because many overseas countries, mostly FDD 4G,3G is more complicated. Mode, of course, the more to chip manufacturers, rival manufacturers will make a lot more difficult, while increasing costs.

  Moderator: zhongxing is currently the world's fourth-largest manufacturer of mobile phones, v Chi master machine manufacturers. But Huawei and Lenovo also punches in the domestic market this year, Huawei and even make smartphones shipped 60 million the year, how do you think ZTE in the next keep their shipments and market share advantage?

  He Shiyou: ZTE in the first half of the year, especially on the domestic market, especially in the WCDMA market, still faces a great challenge, because this market trend is clear to cottage, number mobile phone manufacturers are also so much more.

Overall, the first half of the year, ZTE WCDMA market is also affected by a number of effects. In June this year, I also mentioned that greater impact in the WCDMA market, domestic carriers such as China Unicom is also limited to Terminal control. So we at home that block, in particular in the WCDMA market, were certain effects in the first half. Of course we TD-SDCMA, EVDO or keep the better development of the market.

In addition to domestic, our overseas development is very fast, especially in the high-end market is developing very fast, as we have in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan have witnessed rapid development of regional markets. Our smart phones in our global export over 8 million units in the second quarter.

I think that after enterprise's development is like a marathon, ultimately, it is the embodiment of strength. ZTE has been adjusted in the WCDMA market in the second half, stressing that "healthy and sustainable positive development." Enterprise competition like the ebb, many manufacturers of competition results and finally survive is the embodiment of strength.
So I think I do not care about the gains and losses in a market with local, we also take into account the global market and overall development.
  Moderator: ZTE the domestic manufacturers develop earlier Tablet PC manufacturers, but almost all the China-made Android Tablet manufacturers general sales conditions. ZTE in the flat next plans?

  He Shiyou: I firmly believe that the Tablet PC development still have a big advantage in the future, there is currently some Tablet user experience gap. We now use a Tablet mostly video, entertainment, or Internet tablet can really resolve the cloud services in the future, the tablet computer will gradually replace the existing computer. If you can take that time to further enhance, this time Tablet user experience will be further enhanced.Windows8 like we see today, flat panel and style used on the computer are integration. In addition to Windows8 system changes, I believe Android Tablet there will be some improvement.

So from this perspective, tablet computer is an existing computer in the future one of the alternatives to evolution, there is no dispute. Just saying this market include Apple iOS, there is a wide gap in the cloud services. Cloud services is to have a process, if this step, users can not limited download speeds, unlimited, and number of, these technologies solved, I believe the tablet will have a broad market.

  Moderator: due to time reasons, we interview here, thank you, what is the total, Sohu, hope you can come be our guest.

 He Shiyou: thank you, thank you, our dear all friends of Sohu. Welcome focus on Sohu, also concerned about ZTE, also to ZTE's future development we all more opinions, thank you.


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