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How To Make Anti-Cracable/Hackable Password..?

Hey guys today am here to give a tutorial about "How to Make Anti-Crackable/Hackable Password".
As we know that the password we set for our Pc's,laptops and online accounts are hackable. The easy and 1st way the hackers shows their skills in hacking accounts is "CRACKING PASSWORDS". To help you to get rid of this I am here to help you.

So guys how can you create and "ANTI-CRACKABLE/HACKABLE PASSWORD"?

Do use some Characters between your passwords like :
1) "↓".
2) " ".
You may notice that the second(2) character which is enclosed by double inverted commas looks like blank and contains no characters. Right?. If your answer is "YES" then your wrong. The "BLANK SPACE" between the second(2) is not actually a BLANK SPACE but it is the "NULL" character which is not visible but it is taken as the part of password. Now you have question in your head that how can we use/type that "NULL" character.? Here is your answer friends. Hold ALT+255 and leave and your done.!! there goes your NULL character typed on the screen with space.

NOTE:The NULL character has its own value and cannot be neglected

To make your own Characters and use them as your passwords go HERE and by holding ALT press the DECIMAL numbers accociated to the special characters.

For example:

ALT+178 gives "▓"

TIP: I suggest you to use ALT+255 at the end of the password because it is invisible is hard to get regcognized by the hacker.

For example:

your password is VINAY do use ALT+255 after Y. 
ie, "VINAY "
you may notice that a NULL character is appeared after Y and is hard for any one to crack or hack it.

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