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HP webOS Developer Blog: Sugardave`s Conferences Adventures.

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Enda (on right) poses with Open Source icon

I address the crowds at the HP Cloud booth

Peter Helm and me
HP webOS Developer Blog: Sugardave`s  Conferences Adventures.

During the run-up to the release of Enyo 2.0 GA, the team was busily working on framework code and traveling to various conferences to get the word out about our favorite framework. Here are some highlights:
Open Web Camp 4
I attended the 4th annual Open Web Camp event in Sunnyvale, CA on July 14th, 2012. Our team was a sponsor for the event and there were around 300 people in attendance splitting their time between one of three simultaneous sessions. I was joined by teammates Art Dahm and The Interns (Joshua Cole, Patrick Roberts, Jason Robitaille, and Arthur Thornton). Some other people I know were there, but I can’t mention them or their hush-hush-secret stuff they work on.
The sessions I attended ranged from how to do 3D in CSS3, to webGL, to “why I hate ‘mobile’” (an attention-grabbing session title for responsive design and single codebases). All of the presenters that I saw did a great job, and I would bet the ones I didn’t see did, too. The organizers did a great job getting relevant topics in the mix.
I gave a presentation that takes a slightly deeper look at Enyo than you would get from an overview and had lots of people smiling as they “got it” in regards to what we offer: a single codebase to develop your app that is ready to go on every modern desktop browser and mobile platform that exists right now. I mean, how could you not love that?
The organizers were very gracious and let me know many times how glad they were that we were able to be part of their event. PayPal let them use their Town Hall facility and even provided all-day onsite technical helpers and site security. I had a good time and we generated a bit of Enyo buzz to lead up to….
OSCON 2012.
For my first trip to OSCON, I have to say I thought it was great! There were LOTS of attendees and exhibitors/sponsors. We shared an exposition space with the HP Cloud team (thanks, y’all!) and spread the good word with them, as well. Here, I was joined by Art Dahm (stalker!), Peter Helm, Sonal Gandhi, and the head of Developer Relations himself, Enda McGrath!
I had the privilege of delivering my presentation during the first session time of the day on Wednesday, July 18th. Once again, people were impressed by the concepts I was showing them, plus I got the added bonus of announcing our GA release of 2.0! For the rest of the expo part (all day Wednesday and Thursday), our team rocked the Enyo booth showing off the Enyo 2.0 Sampler app on multiple platforms and desktop browsers, talking to people about Enyo and how it works, and generally having a great time getting the word out.
We even had some folks come by who wanted to talk about HP Cloud things, but then decided to also stick around and check out Enyo. Good stuff!
We gave away a lot swag in the form of Enyo stickers and t-shirts (we gave out all of the t-shirts we brought, so come to the hackathon for a chance to score one, they’re getting rarer), and of course a big thanks goes out to Sonal for organizing our giveaways and booth presence.


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