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Might and Magic Heroes VI Update v1.7.1 | RELOADED

Here's update 1.7.1 Might and Magic Heroes VI, New: Adventure Pack Danse Macabre Compatibility, Campaign and New available multi-player maps.

Patch 1.7 release notes

Adventure Pack Danse Macabre Compatibility
- Campaign
Two new campaign maps
New neutral building 'Magic Menagerie
Unique End Boss 'Dragonwraith
New Dynasty Traits
New Hero 'Sandro
New Heroes available for purchase in the Altar of Wishes
New Dynasty Weapon 'Staff of the Netherworld
New Artifact Set
New Achievements
New Player Portraits available for purchase in the Altar of Wishes
New Dynasty Pet

- New available multi-player maps
Warlords of Xeen
Coast of Intrigue
The Lost City
The Conquest of Enroth

1. Unrar
2. Be sure your Game is updated to at least v1.4
3. Install patch 1.5. The Install patch 1.5.1, followed by 1.5.2 and 1.7.0 Before you install patch 1.7.1 [All Included]
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack dir to your install dir
5. Block the game exes in your system firewall
6. Play the game using "Might & Magic Heroes VI.exe



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