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GINZUU R6 Ultimate - A fully protected phone ever

We have been in the hands of a monster - protected against water, dirt bumps and multi-function phone GINZUU R6 Ultimate. Phone is very similar to the Swiss army knife - it has everything you might need, ranging from commonplace flashlight and camera, ending a custom radio, GPS navigation, and weather station. In this video review we have tried to show most of the functions of the super-telephone. To show them all, we would have gone a whole day.

Phone protected class IP76. He is not afraid of dust, dirt, and maintains its performance when immersed in water to a depth of one meter. The phone is twisted by two stainless steel bolts and resistant to falls and static loads. Phone will survive a fall from heights and falling under the wheel of a car.
The package includes phone headset, charging from the cigarette lighter and on the network, as well as an additional twist the antenna, which increases the radius of the radio in the open spaces of up to 5 km.
List of phone features:
  • Portable radio with adjustable frequency range 400-470MHz, compatible with the classic "Kenwood"
  • Built-in GPS, onboard navigation software
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Weather station with the possibility of short-term weather forecasting
  • Barometer
  • FM-radio
  • Java-games
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
The device, combining the two methods of communication - cellular and radio communications, in principle, not new, but similar quality, according to the author - a rarity indeed. The most pleasant surprise turned out to be custom frequencies for radio communication and the ability to use the phone with the existing fleet of radios "Kenwood." The disadvantages of the device can be attributed, perhaps, the inaccuracies in the Russification of the interface.
Detailed specifications and the cost of the device can be found in store for her .


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