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1. goto Single mode then training so you don't want  to waste your goldballs
2. Hit a homerun and search 1, try to hit another one and if you succeed search 2, but if you fail do not search anything. Basically if you hit a homerun search 1, hit another homerun search 2, hit another homerun search 3. You will eventually get 1-2 addresses
3. Now save the address, enter say 5 and lock it, save then load.
4. Now whenever you hit a homerun it will say Homerun x 5
5. You can write this address down since it doesn't change so you don't have to keep searching for it.

Now you can use this on any Mode, Singles or Multiplayer. Its best to keep the number low like 3 or 4, If you go too high you'll beat your opponent in 1 homerun or 2.


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