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How to Secure Personal Information on Facebook Profile

Including networking and making new friends, Facebook has benefited almost all of us in a way or another, from being socially connected to finding the old friends that we all have lost. Facebook also helped many of the businesses to grow and gain market share through online presence in form of Business Fan Pages. Facebook is Fun to use as we find lot of interesting and diversified stuff  at one place, but at the same time using Facebook without and security measures can be turned into a worst nightmare. The personal information given in your Facebook Profile is the critical info, which if gone in wrong hands can bring a disaster to your life. There is nothing more irritating than giving your personal information publicly to everyone you even don't know.
With having thousands of friends over the Facebook account, it is very difficult to know all of them personally. There are some of the things you must do so that you can secure your personal information and keep your privacy. Some of the information should not appear on your profile, not even to Friends.
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Things You Should Hide from Facebook Profile 

 Primary E-Mail

Primary E-Mail is the e-mail address that you use to Log-In to your Facebook account. This is the first thing that should not appear onto your Facebook Profile. A couple of days back I noticed that someone tried to access my Facebook account and tried to reset my Facebook Password. If I already had hidden my Primary E-Mail from my Profile, the person tried to access my Facebook Account wouldn't have attempted this. Hiding your primary E-Mail from your Profile is the first thing to secure your Facebook Account from being hacked and secure your personal information.

Personal/Home Address

Leaving your home address open for everyone on internet is not a good idea. It doesn't make any sense. You might have 100's of friends in your friends list but  this isn't necessary you know all of them personally. What if the person you don't wish to see suddenly knocks at your door, telling you that he got your address from your Facebook Profile. I guess there is nothing more annoying as compared to this. 

Personal Mobile/Land-line Number

Unwanted SMS marketing is the most annoying thing that you can face on your cell phone. Some times you surprise from where they get our personal contact number. One of the source is Facebook Profile, where many of the users leave their cell number open to all. This leads to unwanted SMS and sometime weirdest Prank Calls on your number. Your cell number visibility should be set to Friends, only and only if your friends list is limited to the one you trust and know personally. In case you have 100's of friends that include the ones you don't know personally as many of us have, the visibility should be set to Only Me.


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