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HP webOS Developer Blog: Meet the Team: Intern Edition.

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From the HP webOS Developer Blog:

HP webOS Developer Blog: Meet the Team: Intern Edition.

Every now and then we like to introduce you to some of the people who help make webOS possible. Today, we’ll introduce you to those who make it possible for those people to get their jobs done. I am, of course, referring to interns. Actually, interns working for the Developer Relations team roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty helping us with projects as diverse as Open webOS, Enyo and the developer forums here. So, without further ado and in their own words, the interns:

Arthur Thornton 

"Senior" Intern

Hi everyone, my name is Arthur Thornton and I’m a second-term intern here with the Developer Relations team. I’ve been pretty heavily involved with webOS since shortly after hearing about it being a mobile platform centered around web technologies at CES 2009. The very day the SDK went public, I installed it and started making apps, ultimately releasing several into the App Catalog over the past few years. To provide some context regarding my community involvement over the past couple of years, I wrote for the two biggest webOS fan-sites, webOS Nation and webOSroundup and developed the official webOSroundup XL app for the TouchPad. Now that I’m back with the webOS team, I will be starting out with actively monitoring both the webOS and EnyoJS developer forums and assisting developers with issues that arise while developing their apps. Additionally, I’m working on is improving the developer websites.

Patrick Roberts 

Junior Bit Twiddler

My name is Patrick Roberts and I hail from Southern California where I attend California State University Northridge. I got involved withwebOS way back when the Pre was originally announced since it was very much web based both in its app ecosystem and the OS itself. Before I came to Palm to be an intern, I was a Web Programmer for CSUN. I currently work for Steve Winston and my most recentproject was helping to develop the official release of webOS Community Edition which was released at the end of June.

Jason Robitaille 

It's not just the focus that's fuzzy

I’m one of the new interns here with webOS and I’ll be working for the Enyo Framework Team on upcoming features and components for Enyo 2, our next-generation app framework. It’s an exciting place to be and I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to a part of it. Originally from Canada, this internship has afforded me the ability to come to the US for the first time, and the priceless chance to meet many friends that I’ve talked to in the webOS community for the past 3 years.  Aside from being a computer science student at the University of Manitoba, prior to this internship, I gained some notoriety in the webOS community with my frequent homebrew software releases, as well as my official App Catalog apps (http://canuckcoding.ca). In addition, I’ve also released several Enyo components to the community gallery. HP webOS, and especially Enyo lately, have been huge influences on my life and education. Every since CES 2009 with the debut of the Palm Pre, I’ve been hooked on webOS and web technologies. It’s motivated me to self-teach myself javascript, interact with the amazingly supportive developer community, and constantly push myself. In the few short weeks here, I’ve already learned new techniques and details that I’ll be able to push forward with my Enyo framework developments in the near future. I look forward to where the next two months will lead.

Josh Cole 

This End Up

My name is Josh Cole and before I came to webOS, I did a lot of programming in a number of languages as a full stack web developer. However, I have been in love with webOS ever since I picked up the original Pre. I was active early in Enyo 1.0′s life cycle on the Early Access boards, and have periodically stopped in with the webOS Internals IRC to give advice or pick up little projects that might otherwise be left by the wayside. I’m looking forward to helping out the team in their work to make Open webOS a reality in any way I can!


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