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Kingdom Conquest - RPG Apk + Date

Kingdom Conquest - RPG Apk + Date

United  Conquest   strategy game  in real time  where  you have to build  cities  and collect valuable resources.  Everything happens  within the map , populated by  real players.  Only cooperation  and tactics  to help you  achieve victory.

Gather  your own army of  monsters , grab the  tower,  because they will  help you switch to another  mode.  This time you'll  be  rummaging through  dungeons  dangerous , playing with  a third.  In  vbor  three characters   a barbarian , a master of swords and  the cleric .  After the conquest  of the five  levels of the  dungeon,  the player receives  the completion of the ranks of  his own army  to  take part in  a great battle  on the world map

Download the apk   :  SendSpace
Download the data  :  SendSpace

Step-by-step how to install: 
1) Extract the. apk to your SD :/ 
2) Extract the date for Android Sd :/ / date / 
3) Install Apk 
4) Start the game ... 
5) Enjoy!


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