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Skoki HVGA 2012

JUMPING 2012 bring tournaments of REAL SKATING!!!

Control your snow-covered slopes plunging deep into the exciting world of professional ski jumping. Get out on the hill at lethal speeds, the fight for a balance with a strong, icy wind, and then knock out and fly to beat the world's best ski jumpers in the
full extravagance of winter sports discipline.

As the latest addition to the millions of copies sold in the original series from Vivid Ski Jumping Games, tournaments bring JUMPING 2012, own the game and the football World Cup for more than twenty real ski-jumps.

With the diversity and choice of touch and gyroscopic control, this title will introduce players at an incredibly realistic experience. Guide your jumper down the exit, take time out precisely jump and then fly with style and grace.

However, not only the distance of your jump will evaluate judges - this game requires skill in identifying and controlling the aerodynamics, to the moment to show agility and balance at the spectacular landing that only the best jumpers are able to achieve.

- Full 3D graphics
- Over 20 real ski jump
- Global statistics online
- Fast gameplay, World Cup Tournament, and other modes
- Ability to create your own games
- Three methods of control
- Customizing the player


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