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Want a Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Buy It in the Grey Market

Despite the release of newer flagship Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still a popular choice abroad. This phone, which is not eight months old is being sold at reduced prices abroad.

In the Philippines, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a Smart Communications exclusive, offered free at Data Plan 2000 (with a 24-month contract) or with a postpaid kit sold for Php30,000. Thirty thousand pesos is a lot for a phone selling from US$349 from Google online. 

While we do not usually recommend buying phones in the grey market on this blog, the Galaxy Nexus is one of the best reasons to go for a phone on the grey market. Buying a grey market phone means that you get a service only warranty. If something breaks it will be repaired for free but any parts used will be charged to you. Most of the time, getting on the phone with a service warranty will save you 10% off the price, and we do not think that is worth it. But in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, you can get it at a staggering 40% off the price. 

It will also be the first phone which runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it will take a few more months before you see that on other phones.

WidgetCity offers the Galaxy Nexus for just Php17,500, with a white model available for Php18,300. With this price difference getting this phone on the grey market makes a lot of sense. 


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